Justin Rolnick

CEO, Greek Kitchen Management | Business

Boston. MA

 Born in Los Angeles to a conservadox father and convert mother, Justin has had a love of the Jewish community from an early age up to current day.


A huge turning point in Justin's occured when he founded a brand new company in his college fraternity room. The road of running his company has taken him to 50 states, ending in Boston Massachusetts.

When he moved to Boston, Justin knew he wanted to get deeply involved in the Jewish community. Justin participated in and later lead a young adult program called LEADS by the local federation. He also helped run a local Jewish bar night that attracted between 100 and 300 young adults a time. The LEAD program is an introduction to Boston Judaism and runs eight weeks, with sessions hosted in a leaders house. Both the LEADS program and the bar night are the first steps in a young adults path to joining the Boston Jewish community.