Devir Zivan

Founder/CEO, Bark Buildings | Tech Startup 

Jersey City, NJ

Devir was born and raised in South Florida to two Israeli parents. As the first American in his family, Devir grew up in a household that was built on the American Dream and valued a strong work ethic. Devir learned to speak Hebrew at home as his first language,and always felt a strong connection to his Israeli/Jewish culture. The majority of his childhood was spent playing soccer, spending time with a big family, and finding ways to hustle for money.


When his aspirations of playing professional soccer were lost due to a knee injury at age 17, Devir decided to channel his energy into his other true passions – business and entrepreneurship. He attended the University of Central Florida and earned degrees in Marketing and Finance. Determined to get professional experience under his belt, Devir moved to NYC and took a job working in Marketing and Analytics role with Gamesys, a tech company. This role was crucial in helping Devir gain real world experience at a company with a positive company culture and driven management team.


Although a positive experience, Devir knew he was meant to do something bigger. He wanted to strike out on his own, just as he’d dreamed of doing since he was a kid (and like his parents had done their entire lives)! Having two dogs and living in a large residential building, he noticed an opportunity in the pet care market and left his job to start Bark Buildings – a company whose innovative model would redefine “dog friendly” and build community at multifamily residential buildings.

Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

New York, NY 11213

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