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5778 - 2018


CYP Ambassadors is a fellowship for potent leadership development, empowering women and men committed to growing as influencers professionally and in the Jewish community.

It is a remarkable opportunity to join with dynamic young Jewish leaders from around the world, envisioning the future and developing the knowledge and skills to take action.


The fellowship engages highly motivated individuals who see their involvement in the Jewish community as an important means of transformational change. Fellowship ambassadors play an active role in creating a collaborative learning environment, contributing and receiving, meeting challenges and lending support.


Over the course of the fellowship, Ambassadors partake in a varied array of opportunities to assist their continued growth. This is a highly intensive program, intended for individuals who are willing and able—both personally and professionally—to commit significant time (roughly 6 hours per month) and energy toward their own learning and development, as well as the development of others.

"King David could have built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem on his own, yet he chose to involve
the entire community"

–The Rebbe 


"At the heart of the Jewish approach to leadership are three core beliefs: We are free. We are responsible. And together we can change the world."  Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Leadership begins with accepting responsibility. It starts with responsibility for professional and personal decisions, but a true leader takes on the responsibility for their community. A leader is able to create an image for the future. Leadership is vision-driven. Yet the essential point is this: leaders lead, not because they are power hungry, but because there is work to be done.  In this fellowship, participants will become educated in historically proven methods for leadership, as well as the leading edge of modern best practices. 



  • Leading innovation and how to create a vision 

  • Judaism's perspective on challenges, tragedy, and temptations

  • How Judaism sees failure and success

  • How Judaism looks at the relationship between leaders and followers

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Marketing and recruitment

Today, Chabad is on the cutting edge of Jewish life. Famed for its penchant for developing leaders, Chabad welcomes growth through risk. Ambassadors will gain an intimate perspective of this transformational model— in this fellowship, we will peel back the curtain and offer an in-depth experiential look into the underpinnings of the Chabad perspective that has been the soil from which so much brave Jewish leadership has sprouted.


  • Over the course of 4 months, local bi-weekly educational experiences will lead fellows on a journey through time and culture, exploring the most successful historical leaders alongside a cohort of peers.

  • 50 selected leaders will join a 7-day educational journey to Moscow, Russia. They will see first-hand how the flame of Judaism sprouted forth from the hidden embers of a half-century of Communism, and how taking responsibility for a vision of the future can affect permanent change.

  • Finally, local participants will accept responsibility as they are tasked with three core missions: to assist in migrating new people into the young professional community, host community events, and spearhead innovative communal programs.



Gain enhanced understanding of, and appreciation for, the Jewish community as a whole, and a deeper love and devotion for every Jew as an individual.

Becoming an ambassador
  • Apply to become an ambassador | February - March

  • Bi-weekly leadership education | March - May

  • 7-day global leadership summit in Moscow | May 27-June 3

  • Actively engage in the role of local CYP ambassador for 12 months

Ambassadors' three core missions:

  1. Assist in migrating new college graduates into the young professional community

  2. Host community events

  3. Spearhead innovative communal programs


The time is now. Your community needs you!

HOw to join

Application to become a CYP Ambassador is by recommendation.


Existing members of the CYP Ambassador community, as well as CYP Rabbis and Rebbetzins, are invited to recommend candidates, who will then receive invitations to apply.

Join fellow participants from around the world on the CYP Ambassador journey.


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