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A Project of Chabad Young Professionals 

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Ambassadors of light

It’s getting dark earlier, its getting chillier outside. 

It must be Chanukah! Our favorite Jewish holiday coming...


Chanukah is about bringing light into the world. 

Especially this year, every bit of light is that much more appreciated.


Join our global “Ambassadors of light” campaign to: Be the light and Gift light 


We need you to bring LIGHT into the world!

  1. Get your Menorahs 

  2. GIFT a menorah to 5 friends so that they can light too

  3. Light your own Menorah


Are you ready to join?


A street-lamp-lighter has a pole with fire. He knows that the fire is not his own, and he goes around lighting all lamps on his route."

Rabbi Shalom Dovber,

5th Chabad Rebbe

CYP Ambassadors is made possible by the 
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