Morgan Sweibel

Account Executive, Sweibel Group/ Aberge 342 | 4Real Estate 

Montreal, CA

Morgan Sweibel was born in Montreal, Canada, where he overcame severe learning disabilities to succeed in school and university. Upon graduating, Morgan began exploring his passion for cars.


Morgan launched a business that focused on marketing high-end imported cars in Canada, the USA, and international markets. He also explored his second passion—real-estate. After opening a number of bed and breakfasts, Morgan established a name for himself in property management, and currently manages properties for number of companies and trusts.


Morgan has always enjoyed bringing out the best in people by being a good listener and easy to communicate with. After a trip to Israel with the Montreal Mega Mission to March of the Living, and realizing his personal connection to Jewish history through his own grandparents and the ordeals they endured, Morgan has continued to make to help his community by participating in local events and giving back in his own unique way.