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5781 - 2021

A Project of Chabad Young Professionals 


CYP Ambassadors

is a fellowship for leadership development empowering young professionals seeking to grow as influencers in the Jewish community. 


Together with fellow ambassadors from around the world ambassadors experience first hand the makings of great Jewish leaders and learn the skills for meaningful leadership.


The international mission to Moscow and St Petersburg, Russia, brings ambassadors together to experience the transformative effect ground-up leadership had on post-Soviet Jewry.  

The program culminates with ambassadors implementing an actionable plan to affect the change they seek through leadership in their community.

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Like stars in the heavens illuminating the darkness of night, every Jew possesses enough moral and spiritual strength to influence friends and acquaintances and lead them to a brighter place.

Adapted from 'Hayom Yom'

by the Lubavitcher Rebbe


Stella Binkevich, New York City, NY

“Today is as good of a day as any to start reaching others in your community. Awareness isn’t always enough, it must be coupled with responsibility and with action. As ambassadors we’re not alone, I gained a network of like-minded young leaders who are in this with me."

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