Danit Drory

Development Associate, Atlanta Jewish Film Festival | Film

Atlanta, GA

Danit grew up in a small Jewish community in Virginia Beach, VA. She was involved in the Jewish community as a child, with a kosher home, attending Hebrew Academy until 8th grade, attending services every Shabbat, and hanging out at the JCC on Sundays. The regular exposure to a stable and consistent Jewish lifestyle combined to shape her background, experiences and perspective. 


Danit grew up conservative, but had a strong understanding and connection to the Orthodox community. At the age of 12, her older sister felt an even deeper connection to Judaism, and started exploring an orthodox lifestyle. Danit is incredibly proud of Erika for all that she endured during this transition—being an orthodox Jew while attending a secular high school was not easy. This experience helped Danit understand the perspective of being Jewish through the Orthodox community's eyes, while Danit was inspired to get more involved with Chabad InTown.

Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

New York, NY 11213


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