David Azaraf

Founder/CEO, Bark Buildings |Tech Startup

Tel Aviv, IL

Hailing all the way from Johannesburg, David, or Dudu, made Aliyah at the end of his college career, the moment he had the opportunity.


Dudu's childhood was infused with a love for the Jewish people, the Land of Israel, and Torah values, and while constantly involved in communal activities, Dudu always felt he had more to give. His path lead him to a miraculous encounter with Rabbi Eli and Sara Naiditch of Chabad on the Coast, and he was immediately hooked on their vision of transforming Jewish life in Tel Aviv. From the first Simchat Torah lechaim at their beautiful shul, he threw himself into the community and contributed his skills wherever he could.

Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

New York, NY 11213


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