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CYP Ambassadors is a fellowship for strong leadership development in the Jewish and business communities.


We seek the dynamic young professional who has proven their passion and commitment to creating positive change in the world around them.


We connect them with fellow Jewish change-makers, mentors, and leading minds from across the globe, to envision a better future and develop actionable plans of change.


We empower them with the knowledge and know-how to create the change they seek, and the leadership skills to inspire others to join.


And then they change the world.

Eligibility / Qualification

To be eligible for the CYP Ambassador Fellowship, you must:

  • be a Jewish 25 - 35 year-old of any level of Jewish background;

  • be currently employed on a career track;

  • be actively involved in your local Jewish community;

  • be a solution-oriented, positive thinker;

  • be passionate about creating a sustainable Jewish community;

  • have raised significant funds and/or recruited volunteers for a nonprofit cause;

  • have held a past or current leadership role in business or community service;

  • be an active member of your local CYP chapter;

Participants are nominated by their local CYP chapter and are selected by the Ambassador Fellowship’s leadership board.

01| Education

During the Education Phase ambassadors will bolster their knowledge as Jewish influencers while developing skills of effective leadership.

Our 6-module course of study explores the role of leadership in Judaism. You will analyze the makings of great Jewish leaders and parse the skills needed to lead Jewish communities in contemporary times. Round-table sessions will give you facetime with prominent local and global influencers.

6 in depth classes

03| Action

The goal of the entire fellowship, Phase 3 is when the education, inspiration, and leadership skills learned during the program culminate in practical and purposeful action. Each CYP chapter’s committee of ambassadors will develop and launch programs to serve the unique needs and circumstances of their local community. Each ambassador will take on leadership roles amongst their peers, host Shabbat meals, and be a warm and welcoming guide to newcomers to the CYP community.

Bringing it home

02| The Summit 

The Summit is an exclusive seven-day trip to Russia where ambassadors incubate their leadership goals, network with international fellows, and meet with top-level influencers and leaders. Experience the beauty of St. Petersburg, the pulse of Moscow, and the powerful beat of Jewish life thriving in this enigmatic country. The Summit provides the unmatchable opportunity to meet the activists who affected a magnificent revolution of Jewish life in Russia over the last thirty years, bringing purpose and impetus to ambassadors’ activities back home.

Summit in Moscow and St Petersburg


The total value of the Ambassadors Program including The Summit is $7,000 USD.


This includes leadership courses, training, hands on experiences and The Summit. Airfare, luxurious accommodations and gourmet meals are included while attending The Summit.


Scholarships available.

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