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TickeTS & visa



Experience a new country and make new friends along the way. 


We are all flying together from JFK to Russia. 

Once you have been accepted we will be in touch to discuss your travel plans.

01 /  Flights

  • First, you will need a new passport photo taken of yourself for use in your visa.

  • Please note: The visa photo must be new and taken at a different time than your passport photo. The consulate will not accept visa photos that are even slightly out of date or that look similar to your passport photo.

  • Check to make sure your passport is signed before sending it. Then, send your valid passport, a single new valid passport picture via secure mail only. As well, please indicate in writing which visa option you would like to apply for.


  • Your passport will only be returned to you 4 weeks after we receive it (2 weeks to process the visa application plus shipping time). If you need to have your passport sooner, choose the expedited visa application service —  your passport will be returned to you one week earlier.

03 / The Visa process

Most people require an entry visa to visit Russia.


We will facilitate the visa application process.


You need a valid passport to take part in the Mission and to apply for a visa. If you do not have one, please apply for one as soon as possible.


  • Important: Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the entry date, April 28, 2020.

  • If your passport does expire before January 2021, you must apply for a new passport as soon as possible, and use the new passport for the visa application and travel.

02 / Visa Information

  • As soon as you are accepted please send in your passport and a new passport photo (photo must be taken on a different day than what you have in your passport) to have your visa processed.

  • Send us your passport and photo via secure mail. Keep in mind that you will not have your passport for the following four weeks (unless you pay for expedited service from the consulate).

04 / Time is of the essence

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